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Story Of Elevation

June 10, 2022


In this world, everyone has their purpose.
But in order to find this and to be able to fulfill it, he has to become a student:
A "Student of Life...!"


One story ends and a new one begins, such is the course of life. It's about learning from mistakes, never giving up and evolving.
That's how it should be with "Party and Knowledge".
We ourselves were always aware of our vision and philosophy, but something was missing (the sauce fam). Time and time again, the name of the brand had to be explained and it was not possible to deduce exactly what our mission was. We needed a name that filled that gap. A name that unites our attitude to life and vision in such a way that everyone immediately recognizes what this brand is about.
Something plain and simple that perfectly embodies our philosophy and completes the circle of our path. One day Sunny came up with the suggestion: "Student of Life" !
That's when we realized that this name perfectly describes what we ARE. Everyone is a student of life in this world, however, one needs to show interest and zest for life in order to develop and grow. When this curiosity is piqued in life, all doors are open to you, because to be interesting, be interested.
In addition, the name has its roots in the beliefs of the Sikhs, which say:
“A student of life does good and thereby good comes to him”
A cycle!
This is how the "Student of Life" brand describes a cycle. You start, develop, make mistakes, learn and improve. This creates a beautiful symphony of life that repeats itself over and over again and gives you the chance to make the most of every minute of your life do it because you only have one.

Welcome to Student of Life we look forward sharing our story with you.




"Whats done with love is done well"